Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where did Feb and March go?

They seem to have come and gone. We faced the chicken pox with both girls throughout the month of February. In my last post, I was hoping that Bella would have the chicken pox...and it happened on Feb 6. It was quite a surprise, really. We didn't have any friends that had the chicken pox, nor had they been around anyone who had them, reportedly. Isabella went on 2 Wednesdays of delivering Meals on it's possible that she contracted them that way. We have no idea how she got them. She went to spend the afternoon w/ Grandma Holly so that I could go to a meeting with our lobbyist for the first time. While she was there, her first couple of spots occurred. She had a good case of them, and did her duty to share, and to date, we have helped with the immunities of 7 other children (and one in NY). She did awesome with them.

Madi got them four days after Bella was done (Feb 17). It was 12 days after Bella got them. She also was facing a small cold, and then went to grandma's and got her chicken pox. I was beginning to wonder if Grandma had some special chicken pox magic! Madi had them twice as bad as Bella. About half way through the illness with Madi, I started to question my non-vaccinated delima. I wondered what in the heck I was thinking!! :) But really, I'm glad they have had them, and are now done with them.

As soon as the quarantine for Madi was done (Feb 27) we were informed that Great Grandma Eoleen was sick. She was in the hosptial in a coma. So off we went for our next adventure. Her funeral soon followed on March 4.

So the month of February was gone for me.

Within all of the illness, our Friends of Iowa Midwives group got really busy at the capitol presenting a bill to legalize and license certified professional midwives. That has taken a lot of time lobbying and attending meetings. We presented a decent bill that we were prepared to roll with. We spent a lot of time educating representatives, and came out in a pretty good spot. We have more work to do, and it usually takes years to do, but we feel good about going back in in January to represent our bill.

At home, things have been a mess. With all of the illness and work, the chores have fallen behind. Speaking of falling- our fence is falling down. Big surprise, eh? Now to rebuild it we have to ask for a permit from the city. They will allow us to rebuild it, but only 4 ft tall on all sides...and it has to be setback from the street (side street) 25 feet! This would bring our fence line up pretty close to the edge of the patio. There will be no more "fenced yard" for the girls to play in. SO....we have to go to the Board of Adjustments to ask for permission to just allow us to rebuild where it currently stands, and at the heighth that it currently stands as well.

On top of our falling fence this week, the girls now have the flu. Madi has had it the past couple of days, and Bella woke up in the middle of the night with it. I guess I will be cancelling my client visit today. I had to cancel due to chicken pox, then Grandma's funeral...and now the flu! This poor lady must really be starting to wonder about me!! HA!

We have not had a full nights sleep since early Februray. Thank goodness for naptimes.

Oh the joys of it all....reminds me that I'm ALIVE!