Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb, week 1 Bathroom

Well, the Terrible Two's have hit our home!   Look out...Madi's on a rampage.  Everything she says is, "No".  She just learned to talk, but she thinks she knows everything!  She tries to run the show now!  I can't count the number of fits she's had (yes those exist here!).  Everyone from the plumber, to the contractor, to the preschool teachers have seen her fits this week.  They are full on screaming, kicking, and crying fits. She's also cutting her 2-yr molars, and has a cold.  SO...there's been no sleep here since last week.   I remember Bella going thru this too, and thank goodness we will be over it in 6 months...ok maybe a year.   Oh my...hopefully she will live to see her third birthday.  I'm not so sure...  

Bella's doing well.  She's got the winter snotty nose.  I keep hoping the chicken pox will come soon...but not yet.  It's still hard for me to believe that she's 5 already.  She's still dreaming about the day she gets to have a pet.  :)  She is busy with preschool.  They had a field trip to Pizza Hut today.  She original report about it was that they got to eat pizza and watch cartoons.  She later disclosed they went to the kitchen and waitress area to see how it all worked.  

The bathroom is done!!  Well, ok, it's not painted yet, and there's no toilet paper holder, but the tiling, tub, vanity, mirror, and toilet are all working.  The girls got to enjoy their first bath in there tonight.  I can't wait to use the tub, too.  The girls went down to "daddy's bathroom" to get their bath supplies.  They came up with their shampoo and toys first (the important things) and then Bella came up w/ towels and washclothes.  Madi followed behind her carrying Daddy's bath mat.  He thought they looked like they were looting from his bathroom.  They were!  

The tile job came together, although I'm still not so excited about it.  They were not professional tilers....they were general I don't know what I expected.  Unfortuately, the contractor showed up yesterday immediately after I had gotten Madi down for a nap (after 4 hours of screaming fits)..and wanted to know if I was happy w/ the tile job.  I said not really...that I was disappointed that the chair rail didn't go up into the tub area like it was supposed to, (which was due to the DELAY in production from the tile company), which he quickly pointed out that I agreed to do the tub area w/0 the chair rail.  Then I let him know how I thought they were being sloppy and just slapping things together.  He was upset that I was disappointed, but did the job anyway.  He came over this afternoon to finish up (again right after I had just gotten Madi down..after 5 hours of crying fits).  It looks nice, now that it's done.  Once the shower curtain is up, you'll never even see the missing chair rail, and the misplaced decorative bronze pieces.  

I couldn't afford to replace the recessed medicine cabinet.  Of course it was a special custom piece that the McClungs probably had to replace a tri-folding recessed medicine cabinet in that size was $900!!! SO...I settled on just placing a mirror there.  We have plenty of storage in the cupboards up there, so it was really not that big of deal...and the girls wouldn't have been able to reach their toothbrushes up there until they were 15 anyway!  We were going to strip and stain the mirror, but the cream color looks decent.  We were all pleasantly surprised.  I found the mirror at ReStore in is a Habitat for Humanity resale store.  (I actually ran into Louisa was our first time of shopping there.)  They had so much stuff...and a lot of things that were new in box (NIB).  My bargain mirror works.

The toilet...that was another big issue.   Do you know how many toilets there are out there?  Different sizes, types, colors, seats, flushers, capacity, cleanliness, etc.   I really wanted to go eco-friendly (I do that anytime I can!!) search lead me to an American Standard Flowise 1.28 gpf (that's gallons per flush) toilet.  (Most toilets are 1.6 gpf..but there are low flow ECO-friendly 1.1 gpf toilets..the contents were noted not to flush.)  This is down from the 4.16gpfs that it used to be.   I did my research, and went right in the middle.  I had to find out if they would work.  Everything I'd read said it was dependent upon the amt of water pressure you had...which we didn't know.  We haven't used that bathroom for almost 3 years!  Low and works!  I have had a problem with it ONCE, and it was just that the troubleshooting guide sticker had fallen down into the flapper.  Love it so far!  Madi loves it also...when she has to go potty, we always have to go to the upstairs potty.  "Fick, right, Mom?"  

The girls are spending some extra time w/ Grandma Holly this week.  Mel's on a yearly golf trip, and she usually remodels a room or goes away for a little bit, but we may have just changed her plans.  :)  She has been keeping the girls for me a little bit this week.  It's so nice to have Grandma and Grandpa here in town with us!  I had an interview w/ Dr. Bob Leonard from the radio station.  He said it would be about teen sex, so I prepared for that. ..however, he wanted a doula interview when I got there.  I had other topics in my brain, so I went off on about 10 different topics (teen pregnancy, doulary, Friends of Iowa Midwives, hospital status vs home birth status, midwifery) and may have really dropped the ball on doulary during the I hope he comes away with a few minutes of good material.  

I'm also meeting w/ a lobbyist tomorrow and attending a community Legislative Session.  I plan to ask my local Senator and Representative to support that bill that we've been working on.  I've become a part of Friends of Iowa Midwives...that's an entirely different blog in I'm working on drumming up supporters for our bill.  I am so fascinated with the Government and the way it works.  It's all so simple, but seems so daunting.  Who would think that all you have to do is ask, and ye' shall recieve.  Now..don't get me wrong here...I don't know that our bill will pass this year, but it IS very similar to a bill that has been introduced before, and we hear that the climate is very friendly this year.  I'm excited that we have a bill that should work to present!  I just pray that women have more choices in where and how they birth...and it is so excited to be a part of that on a change-making level.

I'm also working with clients, trying to keep up w/ my kids, my husband, and I've given up on my house. 

The Young's are coming for a family sleepover this the house situation will probably change.  :)   

Michael says I can't blog about him... :)  


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