Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome Home Mom and Dad

Well, we all officially survived our vacation!  Isabella and Madilynn went to Grandpa and Grandma's while we were away.  I'm not quite sure if they survived, but the girls did.  

When we left Madi was starting to really potty train.  She would use panties all morning, but not much during the afternoon/evening hours.  Holly stuck with it there, and she's been using panties all day today!  Bella's also wearing panties to bed, accident free, so we are coming so much closer to being a diaper free family!!   I thought perhaps now would be Madi's weaning time too, and tried to prepare both of us before our trip.  Madi nursed on Fri morning before we left, I still had milk on Tues (4 day later) and I didn't take a pump.  I wasn't sure if I had milk or not, as I feel pretty different. (5 years of nursing!)  I was excited, and really thought Madi wouldn't like it, but would be ok w/ it.  At the airport she needed to go potty and had big girl panties on(!), so I took her.  Before she even sat down, she looked at me sideways and asked, "Nursin'?"  I told her I thought they were all gone.  She said okay and peed!  She's briefly nursed a couple of times at nap and bed time, but just briefly.  I tell her they are all gone..she concurs.  My baby is officially growing up.  

My big girl is growing up too!  Her birthday is in 5 days...and she uses that for EVERYTHING!  :)  Isabella Sophia "Rockin' Star III" is going to be 5 in a few more days.  I can't believe it!   She's all of the sudden writing letters and words, and wants to spell things...lots of things.  She loves to perform...Isabella Sophia Rockin Star the Third is her stage name.  It makes me giggle every time she says it!  She handled being away so well.  She really missed us, but wanted not to say so.  She had a hard time talking to us on the phone.  She and Madi grew closer during their stay.  I have noticed them taking care of each other so much yesterday and today.   They were close before...but after being gone for 10 days, I have noticed everything.    She loved her playtime while we were gone.  I'm sure they were spoiled rotten, and they loved every minute of it. 

We came home to quite a surprise.  Our upstairs pink bathroom was going to start the remodel process.  Of course I freaked out about this before we left.  I needed to have everything here before we left, and it didn't happen.  The demolition did happen.  So we came home to a prepped bathroom ready for the goods.  The bathtub, toilet. vanity/sink, and lights are all sitting in my formal living room.  Our house has looked like the crack house all year...with the outside remodel...and now it looks like that inside w/ all of the stuff in my living room.  Thankfully it will all be done soon.  The girls and I can't wait to have a  tub and shower and a potty upstairs...and Daddy will have his own bathroom downstairs.  He's tired of being overrun by girls.  :)

Our Jam Cruise adventure was awesome.  We went down to Ft Lauderdale on Friday and were delayed, but got in okay later in the night.  Our lugguage didn't come until Saturday...but we survived without it.  We went out on Sat and met up w/ Denny.  He was a childhood friend of Michael's that has been on every Jam Cruise.  All of the Jam Cruisers were in the area, so we met many people, and had friends when we got on to the boat.  We rocked that town for the night.  (Jam Cruise was just over 3000 people this year.)  On Sunday we went to port early (10ish)  and got on the boat (around 1:30).  The line was long, but we met several new friends there too.  We actually ran into some friends from dinner the night before, and stood right next to a friend that went to Bonnaroo w/ Michael.  There seemed to be tons of people, but it really did turn out to be a small, intimate group.  

We got on the boat, and immediately ate lunch...and I proceeded to be nauseous for the next 5 hours.  That part sucked..  The ship food was horrible!  You could eat plain hamburgers, a hot dog, fries or pizza any time of the day and be ok, but nothing else.  (the pancakes were good, but you had to catch them in time!)  I thought I could never get sick of pizza...but let me tell you...there were only 3 w/ peas and carrots, one w/ onions and corn, or plain.  After so many days on the boat, I lost weight...and so did many other jam cruisers.  We thought the rumors of hot dog pizza was a was no joke.  They put french fries and an onion ring on the salads.  Michael and I took turns being sick...and I don't think it from being seasick.  We both adjusted to it, although it was a bit rough. I still have moments of rocking from being on the boat.  "They" say it usually lasts about one week.  I can't wait for that part to be over. 

The music was amazing.  I'll have to write more about that later.  I'm still pretty exhausted.  

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