Friday, January 16, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

The pink bathroom upstairs started to get a transformation while we were away.  The cast-iron drain pipe from the basement to the upstairs was split with about 1/2 inch gap all the way down.  The contractor had to remove the dining room wall to get to it, and cut a hole in the floor in the bathroom, and take down a basement panel.  He was able to get to it, and replace it with a pvc pipe.  He said it was the biggest pain he had ever encountered.  They replaced the main drain, and gutted the bathroom.  We came home to the dusty mess from that part of it.  It was nice to see it all empty and ready for the other stuff.  

This week they have been working on tile.  As of today, it is all tiled except for the wall "chair" railing-that won't be here for 2 weeks.  (Everything I have ordered for this bathroom project has been delayed for whatever reason!  It's been difficult.)  The bathtub, toilet, sink/vanity and lights can go in next week.  They are currently sitting in our formal living room.  It's really classy!  :)  Everything is coming together, though so that's nice. 

We are all starting to get used to the idea that Aunt Heidi is getting married.  She and Ted got engaged around New Years.  (Ted was here with her on Thanksgiving)  They aren't getting married for a while...they wanted a long engagement, but I got an email yesterday saying they are getting married on Sept 19.  In Arizona.  So...we will start saving for our next "vacation".  Wedding plans are a-buzz.  Heidi went and found her dress yesterday, has the location reserved, and things are rolling.  My, my...a lot can change in 6 weeks!

Bella's so excited for her birthday.  She wants breakfast in bed: strawberries, grapes, a banana, toast, an egg, some cereal, and OJ.  Then she wants to come downstairs for her "real" breakfast.  We're planning to take the girls to Pella to stay in a hotel over night.  Bella's friends will come for a swim party at 3 and have cake afterwards.  She is so excited.  She called Aunt Heidi to tell her about it, and she told her the party was at 3 am, and that there was a big pool that was 3 inches deep, so bring her swimsuit.  I think she's most excited about having a pinata.  (We went tile shopping and then to the Party Store yesterday when it -37 degrees.)  She's totally excited.I still can't believe she's going to be 5 already.

Madi's doing well...and excited for the birthday party too.  I think she's more excited to play with friends than anything.  I don't think they have played w/ other kids now for a couple of weeks...since Emma was here.  Madi's stuck w/ the potty training, and wouldn't let the nursing go.  One thing at a time, I guess.


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